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 br0's mod application

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br0's mod application Empty
PostSubject: br0's mod application   br0's mod application I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 05, 2012 8:32 am

IRL name: tyler
My age is: 15
IGN name: br0
I would like to apply for: mod
I have been playing hrd-reloaded for:half a year
I would do better at this job then the other ones applying for this job because of:
1. I'm a very friendly person to anyone that joins the server. I love to train with people and show them stuff that can help them later on in the game.
2. I follow the rules and am not afraid to tell somebody when they aren't following them.
3. I respect the owner and other staff members. If you have earned your spot then you have earned respect.  Therefore you have mine.
4. I try to make suggestions on what should be added to the server. I'm not the type of person that like to complain about it, but if I see something that can really benefit or hurt the server than I am happy to tell someone of higher rank.
5. As a mod i would keep trying my best to get others to join our server. The more the better. :]
6. If i ever do something wrong and happen to be demoted i will just keep doing the same thing to get that position back. I learn from my mistakes and will never make the same one twice.
7.last of all I want f*** up the eco
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br0's mod application
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