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 how to pk rush? (basic)

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how to pk rush?  (basic) Empty
PostSubject: how to pk rush? (basic)   how to pk rush?  (basic) I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 05, 2012 8:12 am

How to pk?

Well guys; this is for when the community expands and we get more pk'ers!
Get some good armour such as; Statius, Vesta, Void, etc.

Get some good weapons with "special attack such as; Armadyl Godsword, Dragon Claws, Dragon Dagger (P++).

Go to the wilderness, and find someone with their prayers off and then, go hide and pot up.

Put on your Prayers, i would reccomend "Berserker", "Soul Split", and "Turmoil".

Now you're ready to do the rushing. Run up to the person you are going to attack, and if he uses "Protect from Melee", then teleport and either wait for your special attack to refill or teleport to "Duel Arena", and duel with someone or "Fight Pits",

If you kill the person that you attempted to rush, then be careful because of all of the "PJ'ers".

These are the ways that I like to Rush:

Dragon Claws or Armadyl Godsword special attack twice, or even one of each.

Chaotic Maul to Granite Maul. This is a really quick switch and you should "KO" the person that you are Rushing.

Another way to rush is to "Ice Blitz" the person you are rushing, and then run up to him with either: Armadyl Godsword or Dragon Claws and "Spec" him.".

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how to pk rush? (basic)
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